Francois Bondiguel

Francois Bondiguel

Francois is a Marketing and Growth leader with 11 years of experience in demand generation, customer acquisition, and funnel optimisation for leading ecommerce businesses and global SaaS companies.

Head of Growth

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I’m currently the Head of Growth at Deputy leading a team of 21 people across 5 squads: SEO: search traffic, content strategy, link building KPI = # of organic trials Website: platform, information architecture, site speed KPI = visitor to trial CR CRO: buyer's journey, A/B tests, landing page optimisation KPI = visitor to trial CR PGL: freemium, virality, product led growth. KPI = # of Product Generated Leads Goldmine: signup flow, onboarding, path to value, mobile conversion KPI = trial to paid CR "Francois is a passionate, supportive, and capable growth leader. He aims to build high performing teams in which each member is valued and is growing their professional skill set" Ruth Marshall GM Commercial Strategy & Insights at Xero

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