Jeffrey Tiong

Jeffrey Tiong

With a strong passion for IP, R&D and Innovation, Jeffrey Tiong has scaled PatSnap into a global organization serving 8000+ customers worldwide.

Founder & CEO

January 27, 2021, 08:00 AM

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Jeffrey Tiong is the Founder and CEO of PatSnap, one of the world’s leading innovation intelligence platforms. With a passion for IP and R&D, and a desire to enable companies to innovate smarter, Jeffrey has scaled PatSnap into a global organization serving over 8000 customers. Since its inception, PatSnap has supported many companies to innovate faster than their competitors, protect and advance their IP positions, increase R&D efficiency and anticipate opportunities across different industries. Jeffrey was named a Top 50 SaaS CEO of 2020 by The Software Report, and was awarded the SCS IT Leaders Award in 2019 and Ernst &Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2018.

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